5 tips to slay your resolutions

The new year always seems to invoke feelings of reflection and thoughts of how we can create a better version of ourselves. It means a new beginning, an opportunity for a fresh start, a new perspective of the future and all the possibilities it holds. I find myself thinking about all the highlights (even the not so great ones) and how they made me feel every time the year wraps up.

Most of us share the standard resolutions such as eating healthier, achieving fitness goals, attaining financial stability, etc. While it is good to have these traditional goals, there is a reason why these goals seem to lose momentum so easily. But there’s hope! Knowing why these goals were created, or the intentions behind them, can create longer lasting changes. So instead of letting another year fly by, let’s slay these resolutions. Here are my top five tips to do just that.


1. Consider your intentions

Goals can easily slip through the cracks of our daily priorities without intentions behind them. This is why focusing on why the goal was created in the first place and the implications it has on your life can fuel your resolutions for the long haul. Consider the intent behind each of your resolutions, and go from there!


2. Find time to breathe

Our breath is the most important, life-giving source in our bodies that we take for granted all the time! When your breathing is regulated, it restores the stress responses in the body. Speaking of stress, our long list of resolutions can be overwhelming at times. This is why finding time in your day to breathe can help you feel more relaxed while you’re knocking down those goals. 


3. Exercise gratitude 

When was the last time you felt grateful for waking up in the morning? It’s so easy to forget how blessed we are when we’re striving for more. You can be grateful for what you have now while still desiring more! People who consistently practice gratitude for little things experience a lot more positivity, sleep better, and even feel more alive. So while you’re setting those financial goals, don’t forget to also have an attitude of gratitude!


4. “I am” Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to attract everything you want this new year! What are affirmations, you may ask? They are short, positive statements that describe a desired situation. The great thing about our minds is that they don’t know the difference between what is real and what is fictional. Therefore, when affirmations are repeated again and again, they eventually make an impression in our subconscious. Make sure to affirm your goals by repeating them to yourself throughout the year. Pro tip: Write down everything you want this year on a note card. Read it out loud to yourself everyday and watch how the universe conspires to help you achieve your goals!


5. Meditation

Starting your day off on the right foot is as important as a healthy, hearty breakfast. Visualization meditations are a great way to harness your resolutions by giving momentum to the things you want. Kick your IG feed to the curb tomorrow morning and try out a quick meditation! 

I hope these mindful practices really changed your perspective on your resolutions going into the new year. This time of the year is a great universal reminder to reflect and improve our lives for the better. Let the goodness of the universe unfold around you throughout the year and take everything in stride with these mindful practices! Cheers to another great year in the books!

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