Moon Cycle Rituals: How To Harness Lunar Energy During Your Period

Since the beginning of time, the moon has served as a symbol for both fertility and femininity. In fact, the average menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, while a lunar cycle lasts for 29.5 days. Our menstrual cycles mirror the cycles of nature - waxing, waning, ebbing, and flowing on a microcosmic, individual level. Many cultures have viewed the menstrual cycle as sacred due to its connection to lunar cycles. Women were believed to possess shamanic, spiritual powers, and were housed in “menstruation huts” during their moon cycles in order to protect their energies.

Menstruation is a gift. It is a beautiful, natural process that gives birth to new life, unites us as females, and ties us back to Mother Nature. With that being said, we should treat our bodies as sacred, and actively protect our space and harness the energy of the moon during our cycles. Here are some rituals to consider practicing during your moon cycle to help you embrace the sacred and divine femininity of menstruation:

  1. Create a safe, sacred space - This can be anywhere from your bedroom to your living room to your backyard - just make sure it’s a quiet, intentional space where you’ll be able to sink into full relaxation. Light some candles or incense, or surround yourself with crystals or flowers or other sentimental objects. 
  2. Write up a storm - Devote some time to writing in your journal, whether it be about your intentions, goals you wish to manifest, or even just a reflection of your day. Write down what you are feeling, and what you intend to celebrate or release during your moon cycle. 
  3. Dance like no one is watching - Even if it’s just dancing around your room to Taylor Swift and singing into a hairbrush, get your body up and moving! Be free with your body and lose yourself in the music - it’s a foolproof way to boost your mood! 
  4. Channel your energy into creating art - Listen to the messages your body is giving you, and use these as inspiration to paint, write a song or a story, take photographs, and practice your craft. 
  5. Relax, take a deep breath, and meditate - Return to your sacred space and lay down or sit down with your palms facing up. Try to clear your mind as much as you can, and let any thoughts pass through your brain with ease and nonattachment. Focus on taking deep, even breaths. If you’re a beginner, try using a guided meditation app - these apps include different breathing exercises and visualizations meant to coach one through the act of meditating. 

Practicing rituals during our menstrual cycles serves the purpose of grounding us, creating a space for self-care, and connecting us with nature. Periods are a natural part of womanhood, and channeling the energy of nature during one’s moon cycle is a powerful way to own your femininity. 

We want to know if you have any rituals you practice or natural remedies you use during your period - if you do, leave them in the comments below! 

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