Reasons to be Grateful for Your Period

Finding gratitude in all aspects of life can be a rewarding habit. I’m sure you’ve heard somebody at one point in your life raving about the benefits of gratitude journaling. Channeling higher gratitude can help you manifest your dreams, create the reality you’ve always wanted and even foster better relationships with the people around you. Being grateful is especially popular during this time of year, but having an attitude of gratitude is something we should all try to practice more often. 

With this in mind I went around the MIA office and asked everyone why they are grateful for their periods. It’s not something we usually think to find gratitude in, but if you really think about it, it’s an amazing process!

Here’s our top reasons for being grateful for our periods. 

1. It makes you a part of a sisterhood

There’s something kind of special about starting your period. Everyone has a different story about how it first happened, but regardless of the scenario, it's the beginning of a new journey. And with that journey comes a special bond with the other menstruators in your life. If you’ve ever needed a pad or tampon unexpectedly, other women are always willing to help! And complaining about the pain to another person who knows exactly what you’re talking about is always comforting. I’m grateful for my period because it allows me to connect with and help out other women. 

2. They help you connect with your body

Like I mentioned above, bleeding is a journey. This journey isn’t always a smooth ride, but instead one we grow from and find appreciation in. It’s easy to take this experience for granted, but as we learn more about our bodies, the gratitude and understanding grows. “I was introduced to women, thoughts, and ideas that not only urged me to learn about my period, but to really start to become in tune with my body. I started to pay attention to my cycle, what kind of foods felt good (what didn't), how my moods shifted, what it felt like when my hormones changed, and what kind of pain I was experiencing and where” says Maggie, our marketing director. Through shifting her perspective and becoming the master of her period, Maggie was able to connect with her body and transform her relationship with her period. “So period, I'm grateful to you. You taught me how to better take care of myself, how to be myself, and how to grow,” she adds. 

3. It’s a sign of a healthy body

Bleeding is a natural process after all, so the fact that your period comes every month is actually good news! People can lose their periods for a handful of reasons such as too much stress, over exercising or more drastic reasons like a shift in hormones. When your body sheds its uterine lining, that means it was healthy enough to even make one in the first place. "I am thankful for my period because it means that my body is functioning the way it's supposed to. It shows that my body is on the right track when my period happens every month" says Kim, our graphic design intern. 

4. Can be a sign of fertility 

Playing off the fact that bleeding every month is a sign of a healthy body, this can also mean that you’re fertile and capable of having a baby. The body gears up to have a bun in the oven every month, but once it realizes there will be no company, it sheds itself and thus we have a period. “I'm thankful for my period because it shows me that I'm healthy/fertile and I LOVE the food cravings. I usually eat very healthy so it's nice to let loose and eat everything in sight” says Mitali, our marketing assistant. It’s nice to know that our bodies can produce even if you never plan to get pregnant. Periods aren’t the only sign of fertility, but they can be a helpful indicator to search for other answers if planning for a baby is in your future. Not to mention the joy of indulging in a few of your period cravings!

So there you have it, four great reasons to be grateful for your period! Life is about finding joy and gratitude in the little things, periods included! Did reading this stir up some feelings of gratitude for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Yes I m grateful for my periods. This post is an eye opener for me that my periods are blessings for me n my body. Today I m loving my women hood. Thank you so much.

meenakshi bhowmick February 11, 2021

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